Primary Parcels

If you voted at the Open House, PLEASE DO NOT VOTE AGAIN. This opportunity is for those who were unable to attend or didn't have the chance to participate at the Open House.

There were several key parcels identified as important areas to consider for future land use. These are shown in green on the map below. Of those, four primary parcels were chosen to be studied in greater depth regarding their potential land use. These are shown in red. Below are the alternatives studies and summarizing statistics (images) for each parcel. If you can't read the images, increase your computer screen size to 200% (Ctrl +/-). 

It is important to remember you are not voting on the design of these parcels but rather whether these are appropriate uses and densities. You are asked to vote for one option per parcel. You may also choose 'Neither'. If you choose 'Neither' or you have additional comments, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.