Building a new town

by Doug,

In the 60's when I was about nine or ten I found myself sitting on the crown at the television repeater site watching my father and some other volunteers check and repair the electronic equipment and tower that served the Basalt/El Jebel area with the only television available in the area.A CEO of a corporation in Florida sat down beside me and we began to talk about the view. This man and his wife came to Basalt every summer for two weeks to a month to fish and mingle with the locals. He went to all the volunteer fire dept. functions,  television functions,spring box fixes for the water system,coffee shop gatherings and anything else he could get involved in even going to fires. He was always involved in and part of anything going on in Basalt.As we sat at the television repeater site on the crown we began to talk about all the things you could see from a little west of El Jebel to a little east of Basalt toward Aspen. This CEO was totally amazed at the Basalt area and what was evolving every year he came to vacation. He told me that he loved to witness the making of a town. Basalt is only  fifty years old or there about. Where he came from the cities were hundreds of years old. He wanted to learn how the building of a new town was being accomplished. He could maybe apply this new found knowledge to his business and grow it better. And the best thing of all the people of Basalt were building this town with little or no money. Small amounts of donated money, volunteer labor, expertise and knowledge from a few individuals willing to give of themselves and  their time to make things happen.To this CEO this was really really good stuff!!

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